April 7, 2013
   The annual Murphy High School Alumni Association meeting was held on Sunday, April 7, 2013, 3:00 pm at The Whistle Stop Café on Florida Street. President Carmen Kearley presented an update on the activities and accomplishments by the Alumni Board over the past year and stated the goals and objectives for the future. Dr. Williams S. Smith, principal of Murphy spoke about campus renovations and repairs and the intentions of having students return to Murphy for the fall semester. District 4 School Board Member, Rev. Levon C. Manzie, ‘01, addressed the group and was very reassuring about accomplishing the needed repairs and renovations and that the legislature and school board supported these efforts. Second Vice President Sonya Sullivan presented the slate of nominees to serve as MAA officers for 2013-2014. There being no nominations from the floor, the slate of nominees were accepted by acclamation. All officers will maintain their position for the coming year. Members Linda Langston, ‘58, and Jim Younce ,‘58, were nominated as Members at Large and were accepted by a positive vote.

Jim Younce '58
Linda Langston '58