Hall of Fame
April 12, 2015
President Ryan McKee welcomes everyone.
Dennis Day gives the invocation.
Mike McNair leads the Alma Mater.
Ralph Holberg receives award for E.O. Wilson.
Charles Arthur Gross receives award from Mike McNair.
Lynn Brown Robinson receives award from Carmen Kearley.
Judge James Wood receives award from Mike McNair.
Carol Suffich & Jane Bledsoe receive the award for their sister Alice Frazer Evans.
Margaret Luce Brown receives award from Carmen Kearley.
Barbara Henderson Harris '60, historian, with 
MAA Scrapbooks and table memorabilia.
​Ralph Holberg, '58 accepted for 
Edward Osborne Wilson, Ph.D., '43
Charles Arthur Gross, Ph.D., '55
Lynn Brown Robinson, Ph.D., '56
Judge James C. Wood, '57
Carol Frazer Suffich, '60 and Jane Frazer Bledsoe, '53 accepted for their sister, Alice Frazer Evans, '57
Margaret Luce Brown, '89
 Teacher Chef Mullins serves delicious foods.
Family and Friends
Ralph Holberg, Carol Suffich, Jane Bledsoe, Margaret Brown, Lynn Robinson, Charles Gross, Judge Wood