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"The membership of this club shall not be limited, except asset forth below. Any graduate of Murphy High School, or teacher or administrator who has been at Murphy High School at least 15 consecutive years, who is interested in the objectives of the organization and is willing to uphold its basic policies and subscribed to its By-laws may become a member upon payment of dues, as hereinafter provided.  Any eligible may become a regular member by completing the membership requirements."

Article IV, Section 1, 
Murphy High School Alumni Association By-laws

Association and Honorary membership may also be awarded by nomination of a member of the association and subsequent approval of the Executive Board.  For more information about Association or Honorary membership please visit the By-laws section of this website. 

Current annual dues are $25.00 per individual member or $35.00 per couple.  Please click below to download a membership application.  

 Membership Application

 Please feel free to e-mail the Association at if you have any questions about joining.  

Murphy High School
Alumni Association, Inc.